Before implementing a DDEX standard, companies need to acquire a free standard Implementation Licence. As part of the process of issuing an Implementation Licence, DDEX will also allocate each applicant a DDEX Party Identifier (DPID). It is the DDEX Party Identifier that uniquely identifies each sender and receiver of a DDEX formatted message.

Please complete the form below to take out an Implementation Licence and to be allocated a DPID. The full terms and conditions of the Implementation Licence can be found here. Under the terms and conditions of the Implementation Licence, there is a requirement that the information in the form below is kept up to date. This can be done by clicking on the Manage your DPIDs tab.

Following submission of a completed form you will receive an email which sets out your allocated DPID and your username and password to access the DPID Registry in the future.

This must consist of 8 characters including at least one upper-case character, at least one lower-case character, at least one number and at least one symbol or punctuation mark. You will be able to log into the DPID Registry with this password.


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